Experience. Connection. again.

Romania on Horseback

Your Private group Excursion

to reconnect your team

as a community in nature

Customized Trip Length

connection & Team building 

Transform in nature


-Reboot Team Moral-

You've been physically distanced from

your team for too long.

The stress of meeting your deadlines

alone was not easy.

But it doesn't have to be this way anymore...

IMAGINE WHAT IT'S LIKE TO reconnect with and rebuild your team cohesiveness.

stronger. than. ever. stronger. together.

Visualize it now....


You and your team in the freedom and freshness of nature, reconnecting as you...

✓   Increase collaboration

✓   Spark creativity

✓   Align with your shared purpose

✓   Health yourself with the freshness of nature


✓   Develop the inner-leader within

✓ Improve communication

✓ Increase motivation

✓ Improve productivity

✓   Experience the freedom of nature

✓   Connect and travel as a community


✓  Reclaim your happiness

✓   Enjoy Romania's countryside

✓   Rejoice in caring connection

✓   Make new equine and human friends

✓ Deepen connection & understanding

✓ Develop deeper trust

 Team Building on Horseback

This time of introspection made it clear to you that you want to strengthen your team.  You deserve to have a group of members as passionate about the services and products you offer as you are.  

create a special opportunity for your team to grow into deeper connection.


...Your productivity will thank you

A chance to step outside of the box, create life changing bonds within your organization, spark creativity and build a team of leaders.


Your team

Matters to Us!

Your team deserves connection that goes beyond the office, connection that sparks creativity and makes showing up to work everyday a joy to be grateful for.


We get that these times have been tough on team motivation, with us you and your team can put the 'team' back into 'teamwork'. 

With us your team can reConnect

✓ We've traveled and lead teams all over the world

✓ We've facilitated team and community transformation, sessions, workshops, excursions and one on one coaching for a variety of personality types

✓ We've studied and worked with a variety of cultures

✓ We know what it means to create deep and meaningful connection

✓ We know what it means to gently walk your team through fears and build deeper trust


We know that your team matters to you.  We are here to help guide your CONNECTION

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+1 650 308 9913

Are you ready to Create your most connected TEAM YET?

We get that you've want the ease of a team that's in sync & on track.  You deserve to lead a passionate and effective team that's on board with the team vision. 

Conscious Adventure in Nature

Transformational & empowering 

Team Building & community Creating


Adventure is calling

Create a Once in a Lifetime

Experience for your Team

-Romania on Horseback-

Three Simple Steps


Schedule a Call with us

Fill out our form to schedule a call so we can chat about the team transformation you're seeking


choose your trip length

You choose the time frame that suits yout team best.  Journeys range from 6 to 21 days


Transform your team into a  community

Experience team transformation & connection horseback.  Complemented by transformational workshops

We get that your schedule is too full to plan team building activities

That's why we do the work for you 



Connection boosts for

increased productivity

Invest in your team connection.

Invest in your future. 

Imagine your team with an increased sense of unity, as group moral is boosted.


Imagine the relief you'll feel as your team learns to connect authentically and communicate honestly


Imagine your team creating the positive impact on the world you know they were made for

Together your team will travel horseback in the Romanian countryside living & working as a true community. 


Complimented by team building workshops, Romanian nature & hands on horse experience

this is a  profound & deeply

transformative reality experience.

Bookings Available For Travel Dates Of May - September

For Teams Of Up To Ten

Contact us to Schedule A Chat To Learn More...

So you can focus on the projects your passionate about 

knowing your team building, transformation &

connection needs are taken care of

Create connection & passion in your team so you can impact the world with your product or service

Bookings include horses, our lovely guide, nature & transformative experiences, & mostly vegetarian meals. Transportation to Romania & travel insurance not included.  

Reconnect your team with travel on Horseback! 

Book Your Private Group Journey on Horseback!


Imagine experiencing the variety of forests, grasslands, lakes & rivers on horseback, whilst transforming, growing & deepening connection with your team.

On Horseback